Pure, Natural Skincare

Luminous and Bare encapsulates carefree Australian beauty, and promotes the inner confidence that glowing, healthy skin and hair can give you.

Enriched with only the finest natural and organic ingredients, our products are created on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and batch made to ensure freshness, quality and unsurpassable purity in each and every bottle.

Our vision was to make beautiful, luminous and healthy skin and hair attainable for every woman, and to give you the confidence to display your own bare natural beauty.

Luminous and Bare caters to all skin types, especially sensitive skin which may react to traditional skincare. We are proud of every single ingredient that has been thoughtfully added to our range, which aim to only deliver long-term benefits to your precious skin.

We want to make the transition to a natural beauty regime a delightful one - you won't look back after feeling the difference from our expertly formulated blends.

We are proud to feature some of nature's miracles in our skincare, from exfoliating White Willow Bark, to the anti-inflammatory effects of Marshmallow Extract.

Our dream as we grow is to share our own skin secrets and discoveries with you through honest, pure and effective products you can trust and love to use.